Help for children in need. Non-profit. Registered non-profit organization. gUG i.G.

VISION THING Freedom emerges as our beacon of philanthropy. We acknowledge the immense importance of giving back to society, especially to those who are most vulnerable – children. Through our philanthropic efforts, we aim to enhance the education, healthcare, and overall well-being of underprivileged children. We believe that investing in their future is the most sustainable investment we can make.

With relentless ambition and passion, we’ve directed our energy into these three endeavors, creating an unstoppable force of progress. Each unit complements the other, forming an unstoppable triad committed to making the world better, step by step.

VISION THING, our flagship for software development, has donated 1% of its profits to children in need. VISION THING Freedom will now operate as an independent force driving assistance for children: fundraising, donations, charity events.

Please check back regularly as we’re in the process of development and will occasionally have exciting initiatives and events planned where we’ll need your help. Whether you’re a business or an individual, every person matters when it comes to aiding children in need. Our focus is on Germany because there is much suffering here that isn’t adequately addressed in the public eye: children without shoes in winter, sexual abuse within families. Our team includes both affected individuals and those who simply want to help. Together with you, we are strong! Join us!

Until more events follow, we recommend this wonderful organization to you, to which we feel deeply connected:

Since its founding in 1993, Dunkelziffer e.V. has been assisting children and adolescents who have experienced sexualized violence, along with their trusted individuals. Dunkelziffer unwaveringly stands by the side of the affected. Please make a donation as well!

Whether it’s exceptional software or good deeds – WE ARE YOUR VISION THING